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Pinsa romana

Free from preservatives - 100% artisanal

Our pinsa is passion, history and experience.

Our seared pinsa is highly hydrated, has maximum workability, characteristics which allow us to achieve an 80% hydration for a low-fat and low-calorie product..

Our pinsa is lighter, more fragrant, crispier, and above all more digestible.

  • Long leavening of minimum 24 hours
  • Dough is highly hydrated (80%)
  • Use of soybean flour
  • Use of sourdough
  • Low use of oil

The friability, digestibility and fragrance of Pinsa make it a unique product, crispy on the outside and soft inside.

Pinsa classic 20×30 cm 200 gr.
Ideal for sale to the public.

Pinsa XL maxi 20×34 cm 240 gr
Ideal for catering to the plate or for sale to the public

Our Chef Domenico De Rosa is the second chef in the world to have brought the Roman pinsa in his restaurant, and is the highest expert in wood-fired oven cooking.Thanks to his know-how the pinsa of Gustolab 360 is an extremely versatile product, because it can be cooked in any type of oven, even in the wood oven, contrary to what was thought up to a short time ago.

Our pinsa is crispy, light and soft.