Our products

No preservatives - 100% artisanal.
48 hours leavening

All our seared bases and buns are made entirely by hand, following a completely artisanal process. Our products are made with long-leavening dough, hand-made, seared at high temperatures, fast frozen, stored in a controlled atmosphere or freezing temperature, in order to always maintain freshness and their organoleptic characteristics for a long time.
All our products are made with sourdough, without added preservatives or other additives, to always guarantee you a high quality product!

passion, history and experience

Our Pinsa

Our pinsa?is lighter, more fragrant, crispier, and above all more digestible.

  • Long leavening of minimum 24 hours
  • Dough is highly hydrated (80%)
  • Use of soybean flour
  • Use of sourdough
  • Low use of oil

The friability, digestibility and fragrance of Pinsa make it a?unique product, crispy on the outside and soft inside.

The round roman pizza has returned with a modern guise.

The round roman pizza rolled by hand or with a rolling pin.

The round roman pizza has returned with a modern guise.

Inspired by the round Roman pizza that he had been preparing since 1991, and skillfully playing on the mixing of organic flours, chef Domenico De Rosa has created a unique product, highly hydrated and stretched out with a rolling pin as tradition teaches us.

Our round pizza is crispy, light and thin.

Round Roman hand stretched diameter cm 32 – 220 gr ideal for sale on the plate, take away and home use.

Round Roman stretched with a rolling pin diameter cm 33 – 200 gr ideal for sale on the plate, take away and home use.

Our sandwich bun

The ADHOC pinsa bun

Made with the first seared pinsa dough produced and 80% cooked, alveolated and versatile: it can be used with any type of combination for your every need. Born for the hamburger it fits perfectly to any type of filling.

ADHOC bun 16 cm approx. diameter

Made with a dough ball of 100 gr average

Ideal for street food and fast catering

Oven tray and Pala romana

Traditional products by Gustolab 360: light, crispy and highly hydrated.

Pinsa cuts.

Pinsa XL 20×60 cm 400 gr.

Shovel/Oven tray 30×60 cm block of dough 600 gr.

Shovel/Oven tray 40×60 cm block of dough 900 gr.

Ideal for over the counter sale

Home oven size tray

Home baking 32×37 cm block of dough 400 gr.

Ideal for home baking and over the counter sale.

Street food and mini pinsa

Our pinsa is also street food: 150 grams of crispiness for a quick and light preparation; a fast lunch, an aperitif or a daytime walk.

Mini pinsa 15×20 cm

Made with an average weight of 100 gr.

Ideal for street food and fast food concepts.

Pinsa street food round with a diameter of 22 cm.

Made with dough of an average weight of 140/150 gr.

Ideal for street food and fast food concepts